Best Ways to Collaborate with Clients Virtually

To listen (in high fidelity) while someone is playing or mixing in any DAW use Audio Movers.

Use Google Hangouts for simple screen share and phone conversations.

To collaborate in real time or simply Jam together (in low fidelity) JamKazam is a good option.  It attempts to synchronize latency (timing) between connections in real time.

NOTE: You will need to use an ethernet cable to connect directly to your modem. WiFi will not work. Wired ethernet is 10 times more reliable, lower latency and required for all screen share classes at TRCOA anyway. Again, WiFi WILL NOT WORK!

When transferring files, use google drive. Your TRCOA gmail account has unlimited space!

  • Make a folder in your drive
  • Then share that folder with any other gmail account and make sure they "Can organize, add and edit"
  • They and you will then be able to load and organize as many files into that folder as you'd like
  • You can also use drive to have clients listen to files, but restrict their ability to download it (Look in "Advanced Settings" in "Share")