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    Beginning Pro Tools & Productions

    BPT - 101/102

    Beginning Pro Tools sets the foundation for the student to effectively use Avid’s Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation software. This subject introduces the student to real world application of techniques and theories for editing, mixing, and mastering recorded audio sessions for delivery to the client. Students will be bringing in their projects from the Beginning Projects class for the remainder of the Beginning Pro Tools class for review.

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  • 1 Orientation

    BPT Orientation and Course Structure
  • 2 Intro to Digital Audio and Pro Tools

    Laying the groundwork for our understanding of audio production
  • 3 Basic Editing in Pro Tools #1

    The basics of editing mechanics in Pro Tools
  • 4 Critical Listening & Referencing

    Ear Training, Mix Translation

  • 5 Intro to Drums

    Taking our editing skills to the next level!
  • 6 Basic Tracking in Pro Tools

    Let's record something!

  • 7 Basic Editing in Pro Tools #2

    Editing performances in a music project
  • 8 Mix Setup and Production Planning

    Setting deadlines and getting started on post production
  • 9 Pitch Correction

    Auto-Tune vs. Melodyne

  • 10 Introduction to Mixing Concepts

    A first look at the process of mixing and some important audio fundamentals
  • 11 Mix Bus Processing

    EQ, "Glue" Compression, Harmonic Enhancement

  • 12 Harmonic Enhancement

    Digital vs Analog Summing, Saturation, Distortion, Exciters, & Soft Clipping

  • 13 EQ #1

    A General overview of the use of equalization in mix applications.
  • 14 Dynamic Controllers #1 - Compressor Basics

    An overview of the basic use of compressors in a mix.
  • 15 Time Based Effects #1 - Intro to Reverb

    An overview of how reverb is used in a mix.
  • Welcome to BPT 102

  • 16 Time Based Effects #2 - Intro to Delays

    The first part of our work with delay processors in Pro Tools.
  • 17 Automation 101

    Automation modes and application

  • 18 Advanced Compression Techniques

    Parallel compression, Multi-Band compression, Limiters

  • 19 Advanced EQ Techniques

    Active EQ, Mid-Side EQ

  • 20 Mastering and Project 1 Review

    Finalizing a project
  • 21 Review and Skills Test

    This week's homework is to finish all work on project #1 that remains, and begin post production on Project #2.  Review weeks 8-14 and apply as much of the process as you can to Project #2.  There will be a "skills test" in class that covers topics from weeks 3-15.  
  • 22 Mix Setup & Editing Review

    Controls and application; Plugin shoot-out

  • 23 Sample Based Tempo Correction using ProTools

    Tempo Markers, Elastic Audio, Event Menus
  • 24 Sound Replacement Using ProTools

    With Sound Replacer or 3rd Party PlugIns (Slate Trigger)
  • 25 Mixing practices

    Mixing practices 
    Continuing our work on mixing
  • 26 Intermediate Mixing Concepts

    3D, Haas, Standing Wave Correction, Mix Dynamics, Master Fader Inserts
  • 27 ProTools Mixing Techniques Review

    EQ, Comp, Bussing, Automation, 3rd Party Plugs
  • 28 Mastering Final Projects

    Reinforcing  Mastering Principals 
  • 29 Review For BPT Final

    Comprehensive Review of the Course, Student Project Review
  • 30 BPT FINAL

    Test Review, Project Review