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All the live TRCOA seminars of 2020

Beginning Recording Techniques provides students with the foundation to the fundamentals of recording procedures, techniques and equipment used to create, capture and manipulate sounds. Concepts such as defining what audio is, signal flow, patch bays, signal processors, microphones, consoles and other studio basics are taught.

Beginning Pro Tools sets the foundation for the student to effectively use Avid’s Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation software. This subject introduces the student to real world application of techniques and theories for editing, mixing, and mastering recorded audio sessions for delivery to the client. Students will be bringing in their projects from the Beginning Projects class for the remainder of the Beginning Pro Tools class for review.

Beginning Music Theory introduces the fundamentals of music theory. Topics discussed are major and minor key scales, intervals, basic elements of rhythm, triads and seventh chords, diatonic chords in major and minor keys, ear training, and key recognition.

Beginning Projects & Events - starts with a simple singer-songwriter session and then quickly graduates to full production recording. The student owns every step of the process. For each project the student will: contact artist, schedule studio time, record, overdub, edit, mix and master the material. We will walk you through every step of the way with weekly master classes, one-on-one tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering meetings.

The Advanced Music Business class is designed to help students develop an effective business model and web presence. Additionally, the course is designed to give students an understanding of music related contracts, publishing, copyright law, performing rights societies, and online distribution.

Internet Marketing and Design (IMD-201) is fundamentally a small business brand development course that is specifically designed with the audio engineer/music producer in mind. We are going to step through the process of creating and developing an entire brand from logo to website. Here is a breakdown of some of the lessons: 

Advanced Pro Tools course is designed to expose the students to advanced mixing and mastering techniques using Digidesigns Pro Tools DAW system. Current projects will be reviewed and the advanced techniques will be applied to each project as required. Students will be bringing in their projects from the Advanced Projects class for the remainder of the Advanced Pro Tools class for review.

Advanced Music Composition introduces students to the process of writing and arranging music using Digidesign’s Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstations and Reason Rewire. For the final project, the student is responsible for taking a song in its most basic form (harmony, melody & lyrics) and providing an arrangement for a larger ensemble.

Advanced Projects & Events is focused on the skill of developing client relationships. You will learn how to start your relationships with artists in a way as to set the foundation for a potential client. You will record, edit, mix and master as many as 10 single song projects, each with the intent of creating a client.